Touch Up Your Wood Features

Touch Up Your Wood Features

Trust Henderson Painting And Drywall to complete your carpentry repairs in Loganville, GA

Henderson Painting And Drywall specializes in carpentry repairs in the Loganville, GA area. If there are damaged, faded or stained wood features in your home or office, we can fix them. We'll replace damaged sections and apply new finishes to make your wood surfaces as good as new.

Hire us to repair your wood:

  • Trim
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture

Contact us right away to learn more about the carpentry repairs we can take care of. We'll remove rotting wood from your home or business in no time.

Replace rotten wood right away

Henderson Painting And Drywall provides wood rot repair services in Loganville, GA and surrounding areas. If you notice rotting wood in your home or business, you should replace it right away. Wood rot can:

  • Weaken your structure and can allow outside elements to enter
  • Indicate a more substantial problem, like water leaks or termites
  • Spread and cause major structural damage

Get in touch with us today to schedule wood rot repair services.